Who are we?

The Mum's Edit, is the go-to place for busy mums to stay connected with all the latest Mum Blogs out there.

Our edit allows you Mamas to skim the summary in seconds and opt to read more blogs that relate to you. 

I read, digest, and summarise the blogs so that you don't have to. All you have to do is sign up to our updates, scroll through our website and decide which blogs you want to read more.

The Mum's Edit is always less than 100 words (because no one has time for more!) and we publish it the same day to keep it current. All our posts are redirected back to the original blog to read and be inspired further. 

Why bother?

I am constantly inspired daily by what I call The Mummy Elite; the trendy Mums out there, doing their thing, and basically kicking ass!

It's these mums who inspire women all over the UK, keep us company through night feeds, connect with us when our world becomes a bubble, and ultimately showing us there's life beyond babies. 

My aim is for this curation of Mum Blogs is to help mothers navigate the right blogs for them, saving them time, effort and ultimately exposing them to a world of positivity and like-minded mums, who are their cheerleaders on the sidelines.


A thing or two about me...

I graduated from University with a degree in English with Media Studies. I went straight into a job at a national newspaper where I worked on the news desk for four years and attained by NCTJ.

I left the world of journalism to pursue a career working with Deaf people, something I am very passionate about.

With the arrival of my son, came a wave of creative energy. I channel much of this in my passion for interiors and the home (check out @MadameMathieu).