Four Little Creatures - Let's Talk Periods. And Boobs.

This post had us in shock. Super Mama Tanya, of Four Little Creatures, had only two periods in between having each of her children. Say what? Despite being a mother of four, she admits she's actually no expert when it comes to periods, contraception and all that jazz. And as for the boobs, she didn't expect quite the drastic change. She's writes this post to encourage Mamas to talk to each other, share stories and make informed decisions about their post-baby bodies. She wants us to all feel happy again in our own skin so that this radiates onto our kids. Read her post here

Happy Grey Lucky - Christmas Gift List

Yes, there will be a steady stream of festive fever over here as we countdown to Christmas. This latest post by Sina, of Happy Grey Lucky, is a list of top ten gifts that'll please everyone. While they may be from stateside retailers, the ideas are key. Toy advent calendars, pom pom hats and The Grinch That Stole Christmas for the kids. Copper kitchen ware, wireless speakers and reading socks for the grown ups. See her list in full here. Oh and the fab family portrait, it's a winner!

Sally Fazeli - Hugo Turns 3

Do you have a time capsule for your bubba? Or keepsake diaries to record special moments? If not, this post by Sally of Sally Fazeli, will inspire you. Her son Hugo turned 3 a couple of months ago and she marked the celebration with a special book called Birthday Letters To My Baby. Her blog will give you insight into what's inside the book and aswell as offer you ideas on Birthday gifts, celebrations and balloon bundles. Such a joyful post, read it here

Mother Pukka - Money, Money, Money

Mother Pukka, aka Anna, is here with all our answers to the financial quibble that leaves us dazed and confused. According to Anna, the school curriculum should cover the following fundamentals: how to make a good spag bol, tax returns, learning to say 'sorry' and understanding personal finance and credit. Here here. But what about us Mamas who've missed out on all that? Thankfully Anna is here with her own lesson on financial jargon. Hop over and learn a thing or two here.

Within These Walls - Early Bird Christmas Gifts

Ooooh, the first Christmas gift inspiration blog this year is from Cara of Within These Walls. We love it. She's rounded up 10 present ideas for her and 10 present ideas for him, and we love them all. Especially the Diptype candle set (imagine!!!) and the book "If I could tell you just one thing..." looks like a super inspiring read too. I'm not they'll be many gift idea blogs to come, and we'll keep you updated. But for now, this one has our vote. Happy shopping. See Cara's edit here.

Mama Still Got It - Anti-Ageing Products To Try

If anyone is a walking advert for their beauty blogs it's this Mama...Louise Boyce. On her blog, Mama Still Got It, the model/mama has talking about anti-ageing products, a term she admittedly hates. Alas, she's here with all the best 'anti-ageing' products out there and whopping out scary facts such as "environmental exposure causes up to 80% of your skin's ageing". Wow! She's here with the best beauty mask, night cream, eye cream and moisturiser. Visit her blog here to see more.

This Little House - The Benefits to De-cluttering Your Home

It's your home clutter free or are you up to your eyes in it? Fancy a declutter? Well Claire, the mama behind This Little House, was a hoarder not too long ago. Now her house is clutter free, no trinkets, objects and obstructions there. Her house now is minimalistic and clear. This means it's easier to tidy and clean, it's better for the kids to play, she feels more positive in her mood, and found her interior style. She shares her mantra that keeps her clutter-free and it's so true. It's made us a ditch a thing or two. Read her blog to rid the inner hoarder in you too

Within These Walls - How To Grow Your Following

Cara, the mum blogger behind Within These Walls, became a full time blogger at the start of this year. Along the way, she has always been open and honest, declaring guilty pleasures and inside secrets so you can't help but love her. Her latest post, on growing your following, is a question you hear a lot in social media circles. Here she gives top tips such as stories, hashtags and your top 9 squares. Intrigued? Click here to read more.

Mother Pukka - 'Tis The Season

Now November is here it's not too early to start posting on all things yuletide. Anna, aka Mother Pukka, has written a post Christmas Eve and why it's so bloody brilliant. In her words: "you are at the start of the scoffing race; there’s an onslaught of turkey and pigs in blankets awaiting your fork. But it’s the anticipation of what’s ahead that gets me..." Too right. And with kiddiwinks in the picture too, it's way more magical (you can't deny it!) and you get to pass on traditions. Read Mother Pukka's family traditions here.

Mothermag - How To Create A Montessori Inspired Home

This is a post that I know will interest you to create a Monetessori inspired home by the Mothermag. The Montessori Method is a well-known, educational philosophy that focuses on the whole child and aims to build independence from a young age. This post offers six ways you can make your child develop independently, by creating an environment geared towards them. Small adaptations can make a big difference such as tiny furniture, everything at eye level and learning with natural materials. Read all six simple approaches here and see if you can make changes in your home.

This Is Mothership - The Mum Essentials with Frankie Bridge

The mamas behind This Is Mothership have roped in glamour Mama Frankie Bridge for some top tips for the all-essential Mum wardrobe this season. The best bit is the video, where you get to see inside Frankie's wardrobe, which is huge, meticulously organised and basically to-die-for. The girls then offer some essential purchases this season, with free categories to suit all budgets - save, spend and splurge. We love the blazers and slip on shoes. How about you? Click through to the post here.

Mama Still Got It - Mama of the Month

Louise Boyce, the mum behind Mama Still Got It, is here with an instalment of her  "Mama of the Month" blog series. And this month's Mama is Michelle Kennedy, the clever cloggs behind the super popular app Peanut. It's where like-minded Mamas connect as women. Everyone's talking about it - like the new dating website for Mamas. And now we get to read about the lady behind the idea, why she set it up and the highs and lows of setting up her own company. Oh and there's top tips and wise words thrown in too. An absolute must-read, find it here.

Mother of All Lists - What You Should Know Before Going Freelance

Clemmie Telford, of Mother of All Lists, has a new guest post by a Mama listing all the things you need to know before going freelance. It's an interesting topic, because it ain't all it's cracked up to be...For example, according to Hannah Silver, aka Mundane Mummy who wrote the post, your evenings and weekends are your new Monday morning - a time to get shit done. Your emails will own you and it's a lonely place. But hey, there are positives too, you do a job you love, there's no rat race with smelly bodies and you can take a day off whenever you want. A must-read for all wannabe mumpreneurs. Click here.

Hunters & Heels - Dressing Tiny Gentlemen

Lauren, the Mama behind Hunters and Heels, has written inspiring and conscientious post on finding out the sex of her baby. I'm sure many mums can relate to this; the 20 week scan and being told you have one gender when you wanted the other. For Lauren, she wept at not having the girl she dreamed of but soon came round to the idea. One thing she found tricky though, was how to dress a boy. Any mother of boys knows the shops are saturated with girls products more than boys, but here she offers some tips on how to dress gentlemen, with a little help from Monsoon. Read her post here

Happy Grey Lucky - 5 Hair Tips For Busy Mums

How often do you spare some time to take care of yourself? Hardly ever, right? Well Sina, from Happy Grey Lucky, is here with a blog post on 5 top hair tips for busy mums. She says that while there are may sacrifices you have to make as a mother, neglecting your hair does not have to be one of them. Tips include embracing the bedhead look, which is super trendy and requires minimal effort, going ombre because when it grows out you won't have roots and mastering a couple of 'tried and true' hairstyles as a quick go-to look. Read her full list of tips here

Not So Smug Now - Why The Swedish Made Me Cry

Cat, of Not So Smug Now, has blogged about Scandinavian parenting. We all know there's a thing or two to be learnt from the Scandi approach to family life. But following a recent trip to Stockholm, she says a lot of it stems from their government. The distinct difference, she says, is that the Swedish government do what they can to support parents in all areas of life. Whereas the UK "throws bones to parents in a reactive and short sighted way". Turns out, our parenting legislation is nearly half a century behind. Read her compelling post here. 

Style Me Sunday - Chunky Knit of Dreams & Transitional Dressing

Natalie, of Style Me Sunday, is on her blogging talking about how to keep yourself warm but stylish this season; it's not as easy as you think. However, asimple trick such as chunky daytime knits that can be teamed with a sequin skirt for the evening, can totally transform glam up your look. Plus she reveals how to keep tootsies warm by teaming heeled sandals with glittery socks and donning floaty dresses with polo neck sweaters. Some genius ideas. Read her blog here.

This Is Mothership - The Non-Maternity A/W Maternity Wardrobe

Well obviously I'm all over this blog as a preggers Mama myself. This edit, by the glamour mums behind This Is Mothership, is a take on this season's trends and making them suit expectant Mamas without splurging on a new wardrobe. Make the most of the elasticated joggers on the high street now, layer up with blazers and cosy up in knitwear. See all their tips and top trends this season, and you don't have to be preggers to get involved. Read their post here.

Hurrah For Gin - Half-Term Activity Planner

Katie, from Hurrah for Gin, is here with your line up for the week. Her latest blog post, the half-term activity planner, tells it how it really is. Mothers battling their way through the week, trying to preoccupy the kids while staying sane. Her blog illustrates each day starting with good intentions and wholesome activities. But before long you have a frazzled mama and uncontrollable kids. Sound familiar? Well at least you're not alone! Pour a glass, read this post and have a giggle! 

Mamalina - Let Your Kids Be Bored

I always enjoy posts by Emma, the mama behind the blog Mamalina, on her children and play. I've always admired her laid back approach and this blog is one of those. Let your kids be bored, she says, it's actually a good thing. It allows your kids to be creative, adaptive and low maintenance ( a crucial one for us Mamas). Here she gives tips of how you can encourage a simple environment that will nurture these traits such as less toys, less rules and more trust. This post will get you reflecting on how you do it, read it here