Babyccino - What Chores Do You Give Your Kids?

What chores do you give your kids? That was the topic of discussion over on the Babyccino website following a post by Courtney Adamo, about her the chores she gets her kids to do. Do you give chores? Do you reward with pocket money? Courtney says she sees herself as a relaxed parent but when it comes to chores, it's something she's strict about. Why? She grew up with a strict chore policy of ‘do it right the first time or you’ll do it all over again policy'. Looking back she's grateful as it's instilled a great work ethic and work/life (chore/play) balance. Read her post in full. It definitely got us thinking.

Mother Of All Lists - Trying For A Baby

Clemmie Telford, of Mother Of All Lists, I'm sure you've heard by expecting her third baby. Woop woop, congratulations Clemmie! She's written one of her infamous lists on trying for a baby. It's written with the perfect tone - tackling a highly sensitive subject with a hint of humour. Clemmie wins you over and makes the control freak, hormonal and obsessive lady inside you feel normal. This post will either reveal a whole new perspective of trying for a baby, or will be so familiar you felt like you wrote it. A must read, check it out here

Garvin And Co - One Week of School Lunch Box Ideas

It won't be long before we are back to school now the nights are drawing in and the temperatures are taking a dip. To most of you, this will be a relief, but the mundane chores of polishing shoes, prepping school bags and and getting the uniform in ship shape might fill you with dread. One thing that's taken care of is some inspiration with the school packed lunches. Jessica, of Garvin And Co, has written a blog of five adventurous fun packed lunches to get you through the week. They're fun, healthy and super easy. Read more here

Blossomingbirds - The Work Fashion Edit

Power dressing, yay or nay? We're talking big shoulder pads, suit cuts and buttoned up shirts. Throw in a pair of heels to the mix. This was a game changer in the 70s and 80s, where women started to establish their authority in a professional and political environment says  Anna, of Blossomingbirds. In this blog she explores some fabulous affordable new work wear to take you into the autumn. And says they don’t say ‘give a girl the right shoes and she will conqour the world’ for no reason. Love it. See her full fashion edit here

Babyccino - Raising Strong Girls

Did you see the program on BBC2 recently about raising gendered children? It how all our tongues wagging in my NCT Whatsapp group. It's a thing...there is a discrepancy about the way we (society) raise boys versus girls. Now Courtney Adamo, one of the trio of Mamas behind Babyccino, is talking about it too. She's sharing a book with us which she bought for her girls: "Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls". It features 100 heroic women from every corner of the globe documenting their journey. The best bit is the dedication page. Hop over to the blog to see what it says.

Brickdust & Glitter - A Cornish Break ~ Where To Visit

Emily, of Brickdust and Glitter, has had spent her family holiday enjoying all that Cornwall has to offer. And visiting for years, since she was just a girl herself, she has scouted all the best places to go. In her blog, she reveals her top three beaches, where to hang out with the kids, and the best fishing ports for those all important picture perfect moments you see on postcards, or instagram, as we've come to know it. Her blog is loaded with pictures to make you ooohhh and arrrr at the pretty cobbled streets, jutting cliffs and far flung beaches. See more here

Love Taza - Thoughts and Questions on Terrorism in Barcelona

Naomi, of Love Taza, was visiting Barcelona on a city break with her family when terrorism struck last week. She's written an inspiring post on her thoughts, feelings as a woman, wife, mother of three young children in a city filled with terror. When faced with it, what would you do? Would you flee and go back home? Would you stay and grieve? Would you tell your kids about terrorism? How do you explain it? These are all the questions Naomi faced in the last few days. Read how she dealt with it and is an inspiration to us all.

Blossomingbirds - Blogging from the Beginning

Following queries, questions and emails on blogging Anna, of Blossomingbirds, has written a blog on her journey as a blogger. It started on the sofa, documenting her days while pregnant with her second child and escaping from her stressful job and life as a mummy. From there it has evolved. She reveals the good, the bad and the ugly, taps into everyone's fears of blogging and throws in some interesting facts too...did you know 6.7 million people have their own blog? There's more! Read her full story here

Happy Grey Lucky - 10 Things To Think About Before Buying A Pushchair

Sina, the mama behind Happy Grey Lucky, is a self-confessed "stroller" freak. Yep, she has an obsession with pushchairs, as we call them over here. This mama has owned and used, wait for it....18 pushchairs! So it's fair to say she knows a thing or two when it comes to pushchair chat. To help new Mamas, or Mamas transitioning from one kid to two, she has blogged 10 simple questions you need to ask yourself before buying your next pushchair. Read the questions and all her top tips here.

This Is Mothership - The Perfect Wardrobe Staple

According to the super trendy duo behind This Is Mothership, Gemma and Sam, there is one standard item that everyone needs hanging in their wardrobe. Gemma has 6 and Sam has 3, and they say no matter what stage of motherhood you're out, from a preggers mama to a breast-feeding mama, from a working mama to a casual mama, everyone needs one. What are they talking about? You've guessed it, the simple, classic white shirt. Here they've produced an edit of the best white shirts to see you into, dare I say it, autumn. Jump over to the blog here to see what shirts make the cut. 

A Little Crisp - Messy Play For Rainy Days


Kirstie, the mama behind the blog A Little Crisp, has written a post on messy play for rainy days. Let's face it, we've had a few of those lately, so here's some inspiration for next time. It's called Trunkeroo - a subscription box, which you can buy as a one-off too, which is designed to encourage your bubbas to think, explore and invent. From seed sowing, to bubble making, these boxes really engage and get your kiddies thinking. There are fun facts to read, challenges to complete, and experiments to do. And we imagine they make the perfect gift too. Read Kirstie's blog and get a discount code here

Sally Fazeli - Aldi's Baby & Toddler Event

Go Go Go! It's Aldi's ever popular Baby and Toddler Event this weekend. Yes Sally, of blog Sally Fazeli, has blogged about the event and revealed as parents we spend an average of £11,498 on our babies in the first year. Say what?! More reason then to run down to Aldi's event where you can grab some top brand items at super discounted prices. There's jumperoos, puzzles and newborn snuggle nests. Not to mention there infamous award-winning baby wipes and nappies. Our bubba lives in them. To read the full list of items along with prices hop over to her blog.

Too Much Mothering Information - When White Women Have Brown Babies...

Nicola, of Too Much Mothering Information, has written a blog about how generally white people in Britain are taught to ignore race. However when a white woman has brown babies, she says, you have to sit up and take notice. It's moments when her daughter asks when she'll grow yellow hair like a Disney princess that resonate with Nicola. She talks about the inevitability that her children will treat them differently because of the colour of their skin. This is a wonderfully honest post, where you can't help but share all the thoughts and emotions she goes through. Read more here

MyRebounder - How To Maintain Motivation For Kids To Be Active

Are you looking for family exercises to motivate your family. Well Helen Schoeb, the energetic Mama behind MyRebounder, has some tip top ideas to get you going. Get your kids off their tablets and out in the open by employing six different techniques. Challenge them, track progress, give rewards, use technology, find local classes and exercise as a family. Now we all want healthier and happier individuals don't we? Hop over to Helen's blog at Huff Post here, to read her advice in more detail. 

Not So Smug Now - I Don't Know Much About Marriage But...

Is your marriage surviving or thriving? That's what Cat, of Not So Smug Now, has got us asking. Marriage, she says, are hard, really hard. Perhaps that's because we've grown up watching fairytale endings, she points out. Either way, the truth is marriage take work. But her wise words resonate with us: the most valuable thing you can buy is time. Yes please, where do I get me some of that? Found out exactly how Cat's buying her and hubby more time. Read her post here

The Modern Nursery - Wishbone Bikes

Have you got your bubba a Wishbone Bike yet? Yep, they're all the rage, and if you haven't heard of them then where have you been? Fret not, Laura Williams, the power Mama behind The Modern Nursery has blogged about them on her fabulous website. She takes us back to the roots, how the Wishbone Bike was a concept created by two bewildered Kiwis living in New York back in 2005. What's the fuss? In a single blow, it replaces multiple products you could have bought, broken and thrown away between ages 1 to 5. We're sold. Read the full post here

Within These Walls - Jetkids Bedbox Review

Cara, of Within These Walls, took her first family trip abroad this summer, since having her youngest Sonny. With two boys, two adults, and a shed load of gear to pack, she was sent some Jetkids Bedboxes to sort the boys out. Before now, like most of us, Cara has only ever used a Trunki, so this product which is taking the market by storm, was a refreshing change. How? Little perks such as the wheels spinning 360, retro stickers to personalise your own, and ofcourse the best bit; they turn the airplane seat into a bed. See her full review here

The Step Up Club - The Quickest Way to Update Your Work Style

Getting bored of your office workwear? Fret not, Alice and Phanella from none other then The Step Up Club, are here with their tips on jazzing up your outfit. Think metallics, or clean lines, to achieve that classic yet quirky vibe, says Phanella. While Alice says rocking the jewels, clashing the colours and layering the looks topped with tasseled earrings is all the rage. Shop their glamourous edit here. Go rock it Mama!

Mother Pukka - What's Your Parental Agenda?

Anna, the legendary Mother Pukka, voices all our inner insecurities when it comes to mothering the right way (is there even a right way?!). When talking about her gorgeous three-year-old Mae, she finds herself wondering am I doing it right? Is she winding the bobbin up right? What is a bobbin? The latest campaign to get Mother Pukka's backing, The Fruit Shoot It's My Thing campaign, commissioned research that revealed 80% of UK parents think their children are under too much pressure today. Read more on her blog and this colourful campaign here

Hunters and Heels - An insight into Blogger Perks

This post comes with a WARNING! You might get green with envy, but be inspired too. Wanna know what a blogger gets up to for two days in London? Just two years after her first post, Lauren of Hunters and Heels, shows us exactly how to do it. For her, blogging is just a hobby she slots in around a demanding job and two kids under two yet she's so successful she gets whisked off to London to be wooed by the likes of The White Company, Bonpoint, and the Zetter Hotel. Read her post here.