Mothermag - Marriage With Kids Advice

Jo Piazza, author of How To Be Married, has been interviewed by the Mothermag about researching her book. “Want to throw a grenade into your marriage? Want to blow it up?” [parents would] ask me. “Then have kids.” Speaking to hundreds of parents, from all different cultures and backgrounds she has come up with this crucial advice; get off your phone, prioritse your family the way you would prioritise your job, be grateful for your spouse, equality isn't always 50/50, caring for a marriage and your children takes a village, take care of yourself. Read the inspiring and enlightening post here

Mother of All Lists by Clemmie Telford - Everything I Know About Anxiety

Clemmie Telford, writes on her blog Mother of All Lists, about anxiety and what she has learnt from it. Following the Daily Mail furore last week, where Clemmie and her peers were labelled slummy mummies, having kept her anxiety at bay for years, it started to creep up on her again. With Mental Health such a hot topic right now, it's thanks to mother's like Clemmie who are honest and courageous, that help others speak out. Read her list and share her experience, and remember Mamas, it's good to talk.

Mummy Rules - How To Change The World

We love the latest post by Mummy Rules. Given recent events in Manchester, there's many a quote saying I wouldn't change my children for the world but I'd change the world for my children. What exactly what you do? Mummy Rules says let's show love. She refers to Paula Robinson who housed 50 children in The Holiday Inn that night, the taxi drivers working for free all night returning children home to their families, and the homeless guy helping out the injured. This is an uplifting post, if ever there could be one, on such tragic events. Read it here.

Dress Like A Mum - Denim Jacket Season

Hurrah it's here, the warmer weather has finally arrived. And she said it first, Zoe of Dress Like A Mum has announced that yes, it's officially denim jacket season. Whoop Whoop! If you're not sure how to wear yours, or like us, fancy yourself a new one this season then here it is. Zoe has featured her favourites on the high street this summer, there's something for everyone and all super affordable too. Go check it out.

Not So Smug Now - New Mums Just Need One Thing

Cat, of Not So Smug Now, has written a post about new Mamas. Yes we ask them how they are, how the labour was, and comment on the adorable bundle. But she says you gotta dig deeper than that to look out for loved ones embarking on motherhood. Tap into the soul and ask them how they really are cos they're still the girl they once were, just a lot more knackered and distracted. And when it comes to cuddles, it's the Mama who needs them, forget the bubba. Read her wise words here

Rock My Family - Summer Maternity Fashion

Have you got your maternity summer wardrobe sorted? Friends over here are are going crazy as their old maternity gear saw them through winter first time round. Don't panic! Rock My Family have done a special maternity edit to kit out all you Mamas with bumps. There's something for everyone; jumpsuits, dresses, swimming costumes and more. All from the high street at fab prices, so fastest fingers first...cos we know you won't actually be buying them on the high street don't we? Hop over and get shopping

This Is Mothership - What We Can't Live Without

I'm sure you've all been there, you announce your pregnant and friends ping over emails (or in my case spreadsheets) of all the vital things you need to welcome newborn. However, the ladies of This Is Mothership say scrap that. There's just five essentials every Mama needs when a bubba enters her life, it includes a buggy (ooh which one?), a snack (there's tonnes!), a lippie (what colour?) and the ultimate car seat (cos frankly, the choice is overwhelming). And lastly top of every mother's list should be a subscription to Amazon Prime. Read more here

Four Little Creatures - That Old Chestnut

Tanya, of Four Little Creatures, has written yet another fab post, this time on Mum Guilt. Interestingly, from her experience as a mother of four, she says it peaks with baby #2. And goes into all the reasons why. But by the time #3 came along it faded, she no longer felt guilty because she realised a very vital thing; looking after yourself ensures you can look after your family. So the moral of the story is to have three kids, duly noted. No, hop over to her blog to find out what us Mamas need to master

Love Taza - 5 Tips for Working From Home in Small Spaces

Naomi, of Love Taza, has been on the blogging scene for ten years now. With three kids, a work from home lifestyle and a small apartment in New York this girl knows how to juggle it all and make it look a breeze. This post features 5 Tips for Working From Home in Small Spaces. With both her and hubby working from home and plenty of little hands around the house, she's mastered it and showing you how you can too. Hop over for some Monday motivation.

Delightful Note - 6 Simple Productivity Hacks for Mamas in Business

Amanda, of Delightful Note, has blogged 6 Productivity Hacks So Simple You Might Have Thought of Them. From colour coding your browser, to choosing planning tools, she has tips on how to do it and says saving just seconds makes a big difference to your overall productivity. The voice memo idea is also genius, and she even gives tips on how to look less like an idiot while you're recording them. This girl has it all covered. Check out all the hacks here.

Mama Still Got It - Behind the Scenes as a Mum / Model

Psst, modelling, it's not all that glamorous you know! That's basically what Louise from Mama Still Got It is saying in her latest blog post. And Louise, we salute you! As a model slash mother, she's an absolutely beaut and has definitely 'still got it'. We love her all the more after this post with behind-the-scenes coverage of a more personal kind. She's just like all of us, in the throes of a post-baby body, dealing with certain 'mis-haps'. All I'll say is trampoline, tena ladies, fashion shoot. Read more and all will be revealed

Mum's The Word - 39 Things to do before the Big FOUR OH…

Bonnie, of Mum's the Word turns the 'ripe old age of 39' this week. Her list of things to do before the big four-oh has too angles; an ambitious goal followed by a much more realistic version. Number 1 - compete in an Iron Man Competition or Sign up to a 5k. Ofcourse! Number 2 - go to NYC and see a Broadway musical or take the kids to Lion King in London. It's motherhood at its have two options ladies, the ambitious or the realistic. We know what bucket list we'll be doing...see the list in full here

Dress Like A Mum - How To Wear Colour This Summer


Zoe, of Dress Like A Mum, has written a post for Marks and Spencer on how to wear colour and print. Zoe is constantly adorned in bright colour, even on the greyest of days. Acknowledging that colour isn't for everyone, she has tips easing you into colour, tips for those who don't like bright colours against their face and for the committed black fans among you, she has gentle alternatives. Basically, by the end of this article, you'll be ready to embrace colour. Go head over and chase a rainbow!


Barefoot Blonde - Travelling With Toddlers

When it comes to travel Mamas out there, there's a few of them. The first that springs to our mind is Amber of Barefoot Blonde, who always seems to be jetsetting somewhere with her beautiful family making it look forever easy and glamourous. So when she posts 60 tips of travelling with toddlers, we are all over it! Her tips include where to sit on the plane, how to get the kids excited about the trip, one-parent drop offs and more. Our favourite tip: when in doubt go bigger...hop over to her blog to see more

Sally Fazeli - Relive newborn sneezes and hiccups with this video diary

As if all these newborns lately don't have us swooning enough, Sally Fazeli has produced the most adorable video of her newborn son Remy. We were emotional watching this special video featuring his first moments in this world, meeting his big brother Hugo, and cracking his first smile. The best bits were watching Remy hiccups and sneeze his way through some of the video - there's nothing more adorable than seeing a baby jerk with a cute hiccup or their face screw up into a sneeze. It's a feel good video, especially for Mamas missing precious moments like these...including me! Sshh!

Lucky Things - Why It's Important To Define Your Own Success

What does success mean to you? That's what Sunita of Lucky Things is asking this week. It's always wise to make a moment to look inward. Look at you, your story, your success. She says we know what success is like, we're taught from a young age but we need to be reminded of where to look for it. It's in the small things she says, avoid comparison and instead look at you, your story, and see where you've come. This girls speaks so much sense. Have a read and celebrate your own success. You deserve it Mama! 

Finlay and Fox - Boho chic fashion at NEXT

As a huge fan of Next we had to feature this post by Emma of Finlay Fox. She has curated all the best finds for Mamas this season from High Street store Next. We've already seen the likes of Mother_of_Daughters wearing their tassled sandals and Sunita of Lucky Things donning their red dress. Now it's time to see what else they've got...we love the red sling back shoes, paperbag skirt and denim dress. Actually. We love it all. See her post here and get your Paypal at the ready. 

Love Taza - City Life for a Young Family

It's a hot topic. There's been Mothers Meetings on it, Insta-mums contemplating it and now Naomi, of Love Taza is at it. What are we talking about? The city itch! It's families dreaming of finding a new patch out of the city with a lot more space. Now it's Naomi's turn. She's lived in NYC for ten years, when her blog was born, and has raised her three kids in a two bedroom apartment. Having looked far and wide, for months and months, they've decided to stay put. And here her pictures tell the perfect story of why...

Grandmother Pukka - Headline Grabbing Chit-Chat

Klaxon. Grandmother Pukka has written a blog post squashing the Daily Mail and all their nonsense. Nothing beats a mum's wisdom to come along and put it all in perspective and that's just what she does over on Mother Pukka's blog. As a mother from the 1980s, where mother's "hid behind doilies, rice crispy cakes sessions and chit chats in Sainsburys", no one spoke out about motherhood and all it's difficulties. Nowadays, the insta-mums of this world are breaking down barriers and telling it how it is. And just look at the force behind them... Read Grandmother Pukka's post here.